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The School of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was established at Xidian University on Thursday in Xi"an, Northwest China"s Shaanxi province, opening the field of AI at the faculty level for universities directly under the Ministry of Education.

Xidian University intends to build a research-oriented AI school dedicated to basic study, technology development and talent cultivation. It will also establish practice bases and platforms to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the service of social development.

Based on undergraduate majors, such as intelligent science and technology, data technology and big data technology, the school plans to open experimental classes to train innovative builders in AI.

Xidian University has laid a solid foundation for AI study and research. Over 2,000 students have taken bachelor"s degree-level courses and 1,600 students have received master"s degrees in intelligent science and technology since the 1990s, said university President Zheng Xiaojing.

"We will lose no time in building a high-level faculty, keeping abreast of trends in the AI industry, seeking technological breakthroughs and striving to build the institute into a competitive advantage of our college," Zheng added.

China has a great shortage of AI talents. The shortfall is about 1 million people every year, one-sixth of the total demand for information talent, according to statistics announced at the inauguration ceremony.

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